WasMyEmailRead.com is the simple free email tracking system that sends you a notification by email when the recipient read your email.

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Get Notified When The Recipient Opens Your Email
When the recipient opens your sent email, you'll get an email notification with the time it was read, their IP, and their location.

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Put the subject of your email here. It should match the subject of the email you're sending to keep managing your tracking easier.

Enter an email address we can notify you at when your tracker is opened.

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Are you and the recipient sharing the same internet connection (same household, workplace, college)? If so, select yes. Please note, selecting this option incorrectly may result in false alerts (i.e. when you personally open your tracking image). Make sure to "enable" the tracker after sending your email.

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Free Email Tracking

Have you ever sent out an email and wondered if it was read? Are you tired of hearing from friends, co-workers, and others, "Sorry, I didn't see your email.", when really you suspect they did? Well WasMyEmailRead.com is here with the solution.
Our free email tracking solution will notify you when your email was read, along with the geographic location in which is was read, and how many times it was read. Our free email tracker has played a large part in some of our users lives in helping to win legal cases, prove infedelity in relationships, and in many other instances when knowing if your email is read is of grave importance. Our email tracker is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, and many more of the top email services. Have a story which involved our free email tracker? We'd love to hear it.
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